Shri Raghab Pandit

Sri Raghab Pandit lived at Panihati. Sri Chaitanya, on his return to Nilacal from Ramakeli (after He decided not to go to Brindaban), came from Shribas Pandit’s house at Kumar Hatta to Raghab Pandit’s house at Panihati. [C.B.Antya 5.75]

When Mahaprabhu arrived at Raghab Bhavan, he remarked, “Now that I am here in Raghab Pandit’s house, all the fatigue of my journey has completely left Me. The same result that one gets by immersing himself in the Ganges is achieved by coming to Raghab Pandit’s house. Today we will have a festival here.”

In Raghab Pandit’s house, Shrimati Radharani Herself cooked. Thus within a short time, with Raghab Pandit’s expert assistance, many varieties of items were prepared. After the bhoga was offered to the Deity, the Two Prabhus, Shri Gauranga and Nityananda sat down to honour the prasadam.

“What excellent cooking,” the Lord declared. “I never have eaten such tasteful sak as this anywhere else.” Raghab Pandit knew that the Lord was very fond of green vegetables and so he would prepare many varieties of sak.
After finishing their meal and washing Their hands, the two Lords went outside to sit down. Just then Shri Das Gadadhar arrived. He made dandabats to Mahaprabhu, Who in turn showed His mercy to Gadadhar. Then Purandar Pandit and Paramesvari das Thakur arrived. After a little while, Shri Raghunath Vaidya also came there. In great happiness Mahaprabhu discussed various matters with all of them. Gradually many devotees arrived and a great sankirtan festival began. Shri Damayanti debi, Raghab Pandit’s sister, was extremely devoted to the service of Mahaprabhu, so she took advantage of this opportunity to serve the Lord to her full satisfaction.

One day Mahaprabhu told Raghab, “My second body is Nityananda. Whatever He makes me do, I do. Whatever pastimes of Mine are secret, I perform though Him. Later on you will be able to understand all of this. What is very difficult to obtain, even by the master of all mystics, you can very easily attain by the potency of Nityananda Prabhu’s Name.”

Having said this much, Mahaprabhu set out for Baraha Nagar. As he was leaving, he told Makardhwaj Kar, “You should serve Shri Raghab Pandit.”

To the Pandit’s infinite delight, Nityananda Prabhu arrived there after a few days. Raghab Pandit was spontaneously attracted to Nityananda in ecstatic love, thus his happiness soared to unknown limits by receiving Him in his home. Nityananda took up his residence there and Makaradhwaj Kar along with his family began to engage in His service.

By the order of Nityananda Prabhu, many devotees began to assemble for a sankirtan festival. The great singer Madhab Ghosh arrived along with his two brothers, Basu Ghosh and Gobinda Ghosh. The three of them were the emperors of song. Finally Nityananda Prabhu inaugurated the sankirtan festival by beginning His ecstatic dancing and singing. Soon Raghab Pandit’s house became transformed into an ocean of ecstasy.

Eventually Nityananda sat down on the bedstead and ordered the devotees to perform His abhishek. Raghab Pandit brought the necessary paraphernalia, sandalwood paste, flowers, lamps, offerings of foodstuffs and water.

To the accompaniment of ecstatic chanting and dancing, the devotees began to pour water on Nityananda Prabhu’s head. Then, after he had put on fresh cloth, they began to smear sandalwood paste all over his body. A flower garland of forest flowers was placed on his neck while Raghab Pandit held an umbrella over his head. Two devotees on each side began to fan him with yak-tail whisks. All directions were filled with an uproar produced by the ecstatic emotions of the devotees which were generated by the loving glances of Nityananda Prabhu.

At that time Nityananda told Raghab, “Bring me a garland of kadamba flowers.”

Raghab Pandit asked, “Prabhu, where will I get kadamba flowers? It isn’t the rainy season now.”
Nityananda told him, “Go and look in the garden.”

Raghab Pandit went into the garden and saw a miraculous sight. On a lemon tree were many kadamba flowers in full blossom. He now became completely subdued by ecstatic love and his external consciousness receded far away. He at once picked all the flowers and strung a beautiful garland. Bringing this garland to Nityananda Prabhu, he placed it on His shoulders while the devotees roared with ecstasy. Seeing the glories of Nityananda Prabhu, the devotees were completely transported to the world of utter amazement. Then Nityananda Prabhu revealed to their eyes even further transcendental pastimes.

At one point, as all the devotees were sitting down, the room became pervaded with the scent of a flower called Damanak.

Nityananda asked them, “Now which flower’s scent do you smell?”
Everyone replied, “Damanak.”

Nityananda Prabhu told them, “I will explain to you this mystery. Today Chaitanya Gosai has come here from Nilacal, being attracted by your kirtan. On his transcendental body is a garland of damanak flowers, all picked from one tree. For this reason the room has been filled with the ecstasy of that scent. Simply due to your ecstatic dancing and chanting, Mahaprabhu has come here from Nilacal. Hearing His words the devotees became filled with wonder.” [C.B.Antya 5.294-97]

“While eating, while lying down to rest and while wandering about; Nityananda Prabhu spent not a single moment without the accompaniment of sankirtan.” [C.B.Antya 5.360]

Raghab Pandit’s name in Brajalila was Dhanistha.

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